Perception of Students Towards Physical Education in An Online Class Setting Amid Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Joseph T. Lobo Program Coordinator, City College of Angeles, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, 2009



Physical Education, Online Class, COVID-19 Pandemic


The purpose of this study is to identify the viewpoint of students taking minor PE in an online class setting, and to examine these viewpoints with respect to gender, family’s accommodation, monthly income of the family, gadgets used in online class and source of internet connection. Sample of the study are students from the three institutes of the college. In order to gather data, a survey questionnaire is applied to all 263 students. Frequency, percentage, t-test, and ANOVA were used to analyze the data depending on the qualities of the variables. The results found out that most of the students highly appreciates the application of online class setting in the midst of pandemic, in order for them to benefit from distance education they should know about the hardware and software of a computer, and the proper use of internet. Based on this result, courses that deals with computer literacy and internet usage in these institutes can be suggested. Most of the students has positive outlook in the application of distance education. However, there are still negative ideas and experiences such as motivational problems, conflict with the parents and reduces attention. They also experience difficulty with communication to their instructors. Based on these results, it is highly suggested that the guidance counselors and instructors should work together in order to address these problems students are currently facing in distance online education.




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