Regional Framework on Refugee Protection: An Appraisal


  • Anjani Kumar Sharma Research Scholar, Department of Law, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur



Refugee, Protocol, Convention, European Union, Refugee Character


There is no doubt that till today the 1951 Refugee Convention is considered as the key legal document meant for the protection of refugees. The convention discusses not only who is a refugee but also the social, economic and legal rights a refugee has from the states who have signed the convention. Though initially the Convention of 1951 was narrow in scope as the definition of refugee was limited to protecting European refugees but this shortcoming was removed by the 1967. Protocol which expanded the scope and removed the geographical limitations given in the definition of refugee under 1951 Convention a refugee is in a general sense disfranchised human rights casualty, as well as is, by definition, somebody who has figured out how to get outside of his or her own particular nation. Having left their nation of inception, refugees are inside the unqualified defensive capability of the worldwide group. All things considered, the unique moral obligation towards evacuees takes after from the gravity of their dilemma, as well as from the way that it is constantly conceivable to address their predicament in ways that, tragically, regardless we can't for the individuals who stay inside their own particular nation.




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