Women in Manju Kapur’s Brothers


  • Dr. Rajshree Roselean Kapoor Assistant Professor, Department of English, Govt. Science College Autonomous, Jabalpur MP




Manju Kapur, Brothers, Women, Gender, Patriarchy, Consciousness, Sisterhood


Despite cultural, moral, or geographical variations, women all around the world share a sisterhood that unites them in a perpetual relation. When it comes to their shared experiences as women, they are both unique and similar. Although it's titled Brothers, Manju Kapur's latest novel devotes significant attention to strong female bonds among sisters who persevere in the face of patriarchal oppression. Although women's rights are improving throughout time, they still have a long way to go before they reach the "promised land" of full equality with men. The tale follows two brothers as they pursue careers in politics in the city of pink, Jaipur. In addition, the book has female protagonists whose stories evolve in tandem with those of women's rights activists in India. The novel uses the characters' experiences to show how movements to empower women have helped reduce the negative effects of sati, widowhood, widow remarriage, and parenthood. However, patriarchal constraints on women's sexuality continue to be a problem that limits their agency. The novelist's reaction to women's movements in India, as shown via the actions of her characters, is what first captures the attention of a scholar. As a result, the novel raises a number of complex and nuanced questions about the status of women in contemporary India.a


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