Reflection of Muffled Abatement in Legacy of Ancient Indian Poetry




modern poetry, traditional poetry, devotion, dedication, eternal emotions, admiration, ancestor, knowledge, experience


In order to refine ourselves and to remain perfect in every sphere of life, we must follow the path of our ancestors, whose knowledge and experience assist us and make things easier to adventure daringly. Modern poets are departed with this motto and tries to pave their own path in their own style results in time consumption and worriment. The art of composing poems in verses that become the song of the heart of everyone has now gone. The medium of showing devotion, dedication and eternal emotions of vividness were poems for traditional poets which has no connectivity in modernism. Modern poetry is not running in the traditional way, but giving birth to a new theory by abandoning its tradition what is acceptable in some respects, but poetry has suffered in many areas of fame. Resultant the approaching areas of poem’s popularity got limited and its admiration vase reduced to the extent of its book cover.

Author Biography

Dr. Lakshmi Ranjana, Assistant Professor, RWC, Ranchi

Dr. Lakshmi Ranjana step into the world of literary with her debut book ‘Novel-istic Language: experiencing a new dimension of communication’. She loves to take initiative in contributing articles for language and literature development. She is an Assistant Professor in a reputed college at Ranchi, Jharkhand. She is dedicated towards learning and teaching that gets reflected through her achievement in academics viz. Ph.D. in English, Research scholar in Education, M. Com. and MFA.


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